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STEP 1: Verify that the Library does not own any of the materials you've selected as part of our Electronic Resources.  Use our "List of Full Text e-journals" through the electronic resources page to do this.  The library reference team will be happy to assist you if you need help.

STEP 2: Locate all items to be placed on reserve. Photocopies that are to be scanned must be submitted in portrait style and on letter size 8.5" x 11" paper. If the FGCU Library does not own an item, request that the library purchase the material or borrow it through inter-library loan (ILL). Purchasing and ILL can be very time consuming so we recommend requesting materials six weeks in advance.

STEP 3: Get a Course Reserve Request Form and fill it out COMPLETELY. Forms are available from the circulation desk or on the Reserves page of the library web site. To complete this form, tell us who you are, which course the materials are intended for, and describe the items you are placing on reserve. 

A. Course Information

Course Title, Number, and Reference Number are available in the FGCU Class Schedule.
Number of Students is available in registration or the FGCU Online course schedule.
Date Submitted is the date the item was turned into the library.
Date ON Reserve is the date the material should be made available to the students.
Date OFF Reserve is the date the material should be removed from the course reserve.

B. Instructor Information

Name, Department, E-mail, and ID number of the Instructor who is teaching the course.
Instructor ID is available on front of your FGCU Faculty ID card.

C. Citation Information

Complete information, as described below, is needed for each item so that it can be accurately displayed in the search index that students will use to locate the material and for obtaining copyright permission.It is strongly recommended that the descriptive information supplied to the library is identical to the information provided to students on the course syllabus.Either fill out the COURSE RESERVE REQUEST FORM completely or attach a course syllabus to the form with reserve materials clearly marked.

Journal Articles or Book Chapters Books Other Materials
Journal Title or Book Title
Book Title
Volume, Number, Date & Page Numbers 
Author, if applicable
Article or Chapter Title & Author
Pages to be Read
Actor, Presenter, Moderator
Date Published
Format video, audio, CD etc.)


D.  Loan period (2 Hours, 1 Day, 2 Days, 3 Days, 7 Days, scanned)

Select the loan period that best meets the needs of your students. The loan period will be noted on the reserve label.

STEP 4: Deliver the items with the completed form to the circulation desk in the library.

Library Services will obtain copyright permissions, and pay reasonable royalty fees, when required. The complete Course Reserve Policy is on available here.

Please call 590-7611 or Contact Jenny Fritcha ( if you have any questions.