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Circulation is the lending & borrowing department within the library.

Most Viewed Circulation Policy Questions (FAQ's)

Circulation Desk

The Circulation Desk is located at the
main entrance

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Community (SWF Residents) Borrowers:

Course Reserve Forms (faculty only):

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 Patron Categories
Under-graduate Students, & Staff
  FGCU Graduate Students
State Univ. & College
& Staff
  SW Florida Residents

28 days
56 days
120 days
28 days
21 days
Videos, & DVDs
14 days 14 days  14 days
14 days
7 days
Audio Cassettes & CDs
14 days
14 days
14 days
14 days
7 days
Course Reserves
Yes, loan period determined by instructor
In library use only
In library use only
Group Study Rooms

Reserve a room up to a week (7 days) in advance for up to two (2) hours. Allowed two (2) active reservations per day.

Calculators 7 days / 1 per person 7 days / 1 per person 7 days / 1 per person n/a n/a
Maximum # of Items Allowed for Checkout
5 (Minors:2)


Lost or damaged materials

If materials are lost or damaged, the borrower is responsible for immediately reporting it to Library Circulation at 239-590-7610. If the item is already overdue, reporting the lost or damaged item and arranging to pay for the replacement will stop further accumulation of overdue fines.
Borrowers are subject to overdue fines and replacement costs for lost or damaged items. 

Replacement and Repair Costs

Lost items are assessed at the average price of an academic book as printed in the Bowker Annual. After an item has been overdue for 25 days it is considered lost. The maximum overdue fine plus the current Bowker Annual default replacement cost is billed to the borrower. Payment for lost items that are later found and returned will be reimbursed if the item is returned within 120 days of the billing date. Non-FGCU affiliates must return items within 60 days of billing to avoid replacement costs. Calculators: replacements will be the cost of the calculator.

Unpaid Charges

FGCU affiliates who fail to pay overdue fines or replacement costs will have a financial hold placed on their university accounts, will not be permitted to register for classes or secure FGCU transcripts, and may have Library privileges suspended. All other borrowers are subject to cancellation of borrowing privileges at FGCU Library.


All borrowers are responsible for library materials charged to their account and are subject to overdue fines, replacement costs and charges for damaged or mutilated materials. Library users may appeal specific fines and bills in writing, within 60 days of billing. Written appeals may be submitted in person at the Circulation Desk, or by e-mail to, or regular mail to the FGCU Library, Customer Services Department. Acceptable basis for Library’s consideration of an appeal are:

The Customer Services staff will review appeals with final disposition made by the Department Head, or designee. The borrower will be notified of the decision in writing within 14 days of receiving the written appeal.  

Possible outcomes of an appeal include:

All payments must be remitted to the FGCU Cashier’s Office.


Revised 10/9/2015

Contact Library Circulation at or by calling (239) 590-7610 with any questions. All patron information is confidential as required by Federal Law (257.261).