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Florida Gulf Coast University Library supports the American Library Association's Bill of Rights, Intellectual Freedom Statement, and Freedom to Read Statement, and the American Film and Video Association's Freedom to View Statement. Florida Gulf Coast University Library acquires materials that represent differing opinions and without censorship in regard to controversial issues that support the curriculum and student learning outcomes.

Senate Resolution

Whereas, the library of a university is the physical and symbolic heart of the FGCU learning community, being the central repository and access point of accumulated knowledge in its many forms, and

Whereas, the spirit of open inquiry is vital to the advancement of knowledge and central to the academic function of any university, and

Whereas, the mission and fundamental values of Florida Gulf Coast University, as articulated in the foundational documents of the University and affirmed by the entire University community, accord a central role to academic freedom and free speech:

We, the faculty of Florida Gulf Coast University, vigorously affirm and support the principle of open and unrestricted access to knowledge in all its forms, and are unalterably opposed to any manner of censorship of materials available to members of the university community, in print, electronic, or any other form. We believe strongly that attempts to limit availability of materials in the library due to content are anathema to the academic enterprise in general, and to the mission of FGCU in particular; we believe the same principle extends to all areas of campus. We fully support the efforts of the Dean of Library Services to keep all information as accessible as possible in the library, and are determined to see that the entire campus remains a place where knowledge of all kinds can be openly accessed and discussed.

Revised 12/99