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Technology, Support, & Software

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The library has 220 computers available for public use:

The library technology also provides

Our Mission

To provide ubiquitous and stable library information systems to enhance student learning, promote information technology literacy, support library information management systems, lead computing lab infrastructure, and participate in university technology initiatives.

Green Initiatives

We are committted to green and efficient use of technology resources.

Library Lab ADA Information

For patrons with special needs, all library lab workstations include accessibility software including Narrator, Magnifier, On-screen keyboard and an accessibility setup wizard and special tools.  All library lab computers have accessible location and height requirements, including two specific workstations that may be requested for easier accessibility to printers and the lab support desk. For more information go to: Library Lab ADA Information

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Contact the Library Computing Support Desk:

call us               email us               stop by the lab

(239) 590-7617 or or stop by the lab!


Printing at the Library

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Laptop Printing
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Library Computing & Technology Staff

Our systems staff are ready to assist you with any library technology questions you may have.

Systems Office, (239) 590-7619
Library Lab Support Desk, (239) 590-7617

Mario Bernardo, Assistant Director (239) 590-7621
Parker Fruehan, Coordinator, Computer Applications (239) 590-7628
Chuck Bryan, Library Network Server Specialist (239) 590-7662
Chuck Saint, Senior Computer Support Specialist (239) 590-7622
Guy Cicinelli, Senior Computer Support Specialist (239) 590-7664
Cody Jacobson, Technology Support Specialist (239) 590-7616

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