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Rachel Cooke


Rachel Cooke

Rachel Cooke, Librarian

MLS, Kent State University, 2001
MA, Art History, Case Western Reserve University,1999
BA, History and History of Art, University of Michigan, 1996


Associate Librarian, Library Services

Contact Information:

Address: 10501 FGCU Blvd South
Ft. Myers, FL 33965

Phone: 239-590-7606


Liaison Librarian for the departments of:

The College of Education and the Bower School of Music & the Arts


Schedule an Information Literacy Instruction Session (in class or online)

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Research Guides

Professional Experience:

Liaison Librarian, Florida Gulf Coast University 
August 2004 – Present

Instructor, Florida Gulf Coast University, Art History and Humanities Courses
January 2005 – Present

Reference Librarian, Rutenberg Library, Lee County Library System
November 2001 – July 2004

Slide Curator, Baldwin Wallace College
September 1997 – July 2001

Art History Instructor, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
August 1999 – May 2000

Professional Interests

Reference services
Information Literacy Instruction
Faculty and Librarian Collaboration

Published Articles

Van Kampen-Breit, Doris, and Rachel Cooke. “Do They Think We’re the Frenemy? Examining Student Anxiety and Service Perception in Today’s Academic Libraries." Library Leadership & Management (Forthcoming, 2016).

Cooke, Rachel. “Can Meetings Be Fun?  A Seasoned Librarian Puts a Sunshine State Library Leadership Theory to the Test.” Florida Libraries Fall (2014): 17-20. 

McClure, Randal, Rachel Cooke, and Anna Carlin. “The Search for the Skunk Ape: Studying the Impact of an Online Information Literacy Tutorial on Student Writing.Journal of Information Literacy 5, no. 2 (2011): 26-45.

Cooke, Rachel, and Danielle Rosenthal. “Students Use More Books After Library Instruction: An Analysis of Undergraduate Paper Citations.College & Research Libraries 72, no. 4 (2011): 332-343.

Cooke, Rachel, and Carol Bledsoe. “Writing Centers & Libraries: One-Stop Shopping for Better Term Papers.” The Reference Librarian 49, no. 2 (2008): 119-127.

Cooke, Rachel, and Rebecca Donlan. “Thinking Inside the Box: Comparing Federated Search Results from Google Scholar, Live Search Academic, and Central Search.” Journal of Library Administration 46, no. 3/4 (2007): 31-42.  (Also published as a chapter in: Miller, William and Rita M. Pellen, Google Scholar and More: New Google Applications and Tools for Libraries and Library Users. Binghamton: Haworth Press, 2008).

Donlan, Rebecca, and Rachel Cooke. “Running With the Devil:  Accessing Library-licensed Full-text Holdings through Google Scholar.” Internet Reference Services Quarterly 10, no.3/4 (2006): 149-157.  (Also published as a chapter in: Miller, William and Rita M. Pellen. Libraries and Google. Binghamton: Haworth Press, 2006.)

Awards & Grants

Faculty Team Service Excellence Award, April 2014

Professional Development Grant, December 2012

Creative Course Design in General Education Faculty Grant Competition Award, Spring 2009


Cooke, Rachel, and Carol Bledsoe. “Using Standards-Based Exercises to Teach Research & Writing Workshops:  A Writing Center – Library Collaboration.”  Presentation at the Florida Library Association Conference, Orlando, FL, May, 2015.

Cooke, Rachel and Jenna Enomoto. “Don’t Fall Prey to a Predator! What You Need to Know About Publishing in the Electronic Age.” Presentation at the Lucas Center for Faculty Development, Fort Myers, FL, March, 2015.

Cooke, Rachel. “Back to Basics: Using Internet Research Tools and Resources,” Presentation at the Lee County Genealogical Society, Inc., Fort Myers, FL, May, 2014.

Cooke, Rachel and Doris VanKampen-Breit. “The Undergraduate Multi-Dimensional Library Anxiety Scale (UMLAS) 2012-2013,” Presentation at Florida Library Association, Orlando, FL, May 2014.

Cooke, Rachel and Doris VanKampen-Breit. “Do our Anxious Students Envision Excellence,” Poster Session at Florida Library Association, Orlando, FL, May 2014.

Cooke, Rachel. “If I Can Publish, So Can You!” Poster Session at the Florida Library Association, Orlando, FL, May 2011.

Cooke, Rachel, Carol Maksian, and Becky Donlan. “Predatory Journals,” Presentation at the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Fall Meeting, Florida Gulf Coast University, Fort Myers, FL, Sept 2013.

Cooke, Rachel and Danielle Rosenthal. “Print is Still Popular: An Analysis of Undergraduate Paper Citations after Library Instruction.”  Poster session at the Florida Library Association, Orlando. FL, April 2010.

McClure, Randall, Carol Bledsoe, and Rachel Cooke. “Writing Centers, Libraries, and Writing Programs: Ideas for Collaborating and Strategies for Gaining Greater Visibility.” Presentation at the Florida Regional Writing Center Conference, “Re-Visioning the Writing Center,” Tampa, FL, April 2009.

Cooke, Rachel and Danielle Rosenthal. “Undergraduate History Student Papers: The Effect of Library Instruction on Citation Quality.” Paper Presentation for the Florida Conference of Historians, Fort Myers, FL, February 2009.

Cooke, Rachel. “Worldcat Analysis.” Presentation for the State University Libraries Collection Planning Committee, Fort Myers, FL, February 2007.

Cooke, Rachel. “Applicant Shortage?  Recruit a Public Librarian for Your Academic Library.” Poster session at Association of College and Research Libraries, Minneapolis, MN, April 2005.

As Conference Program Organizer for  Florida Library Association

“Career 911-We Can Help!” Florida Library Association Conference, May 2015.

“You Are the Library: Envisioning Excellence by Transforming Your Career and Your Library,” Florida Library Association, Orlando, FL, May 2014.

“There’s a Librarian for That! Interesting Possibilities & Partnerships,” Florida Library Association, Orlando, FL, May 2013. 

“Cchhh Chhanging: A Library Job Isn’t Always in a Library: Vibrant & Vital Career Paths,” Florida Library Association, Orlando, FL, April 2012.

Book Reviews for Choice Magazine

Cooke, Rachel. Review of The Complete Cities of Ancient Egypt, by Steven Snape. Choice (February 2015).

Cooke, Rachel. Review of Berthe Morisot (1841-1915), by Marianne Mathieu. Choice (February 2013).

Cooke, Rachel. Review of Impressionism and Post-Impressionism Masterpieces from the National Gallery of Art, ed. Kimberly A. Jones. Choice (January 2012).

Cooke, Rachel. Review of Birth of Impressionism: Masterpieces from the Musée D'Orsay, by Guy Cogeval, Stéphane Guégan, and Alice Thomine-Berrada with Krista Brugnara et al. Choice (January 2011).

Cooke, Rachel. Review of Family Fictions in Roman Art, by Natalie Boymel Kampen. Choice (January 2010).

Cooke, Rachel. Review of Hidden in the Shadow of the Master: The Model-Wives of Cezanne, Monet, and Rodin, by Ruth Butler. Choice (December 2008).

Cooke, Rachel. Review of The Artistic Culture Between the Wars, 1920-1945, ed. Valerio Terraroli. Choice (February 2008).

Cooke, Rachel. Review of The Egyptian Renaissance: The Afterlife of Ancient Egypt in Early Modern Italy, by Brian Curran. Choice (January 2008).

Cooke, Rachel. Review of The Treasures of Coptic Art in the Coptic Museum and Churches of Old Cairo, by Gawdat Gabra. Choice (October 2007).

Cooke, Rachel. Review of Nineteeth-Century Art Paintings in the Norton Simon Museum, by Richard R. Brettell. Choice (June 2007).

Cooke, Rachel. Review of The Avant-Garde Movements, 1900-1919: Art of the Twentieth Century, by Gabriella Belli. Choice (March 2007).

Cooke, Rachel. Review of Egyptian Palaces and Villas: Pashas, Khedives, and Kings, by Shirley Johnson. Choice (November 2006).

Cooke, Rachel. Review of Memoirs of Sir Joshua Reynolds, by Joseph Farington. Choice (June 2006). 

Cooke, Rachel. Review of Cleopatra and Rome, by Diana E.E. Kleiner. Choice (February 2006).

Cooke, Rachel. Review of Pre-Modernism: Art-World Change and American Culture from the Civil War to the Armory Show, by J.M. Mancini. Choice (October 2005). 

Cooke, Rachel. Review of Mistress of the Elgin Marbles: A Biography of Mary Nisbet, Countess of Elgin, by Susan Nagel. Choice (July 2005).

Cooke, Rachel. Review of Carlisle and Cumbria: Roman and Medieval Architecture, Art and Archaeology, by the British Archaeological Association. Choice (March 2005).