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Florida Gulf Coast University

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FGCU Library Services


Library Dean
Dr. Kathleen F. Miller 239-590-7605 | 239-590-7609 Fax
FGCU Library Services
10501 FGCU Boulevard South
Fort Myers, FL 33965-6501

Service Support Phone Numbers and Email:

TTY: 239-590-7618

Library Faculty & Staff:

Beard, Regina Associate Librarian, Business, Resort & Hospitality Management 239-745-4372 219 Reference, Research & Instruction
Bernardo, Mario Assistant Director, Computing & Technology Systems 239-590-7621 141 Computing and Technology Systems
Bhatt, Anjana University Librarian, E-Resources 239-590-7634 220 Library Collections and Technical Services
Boyd, Christopher Assistant University Librarian, Head of Technical Services 239-590-7640 111 Library Collections and Technical Services
Bryan, Chuck Library Network Server Specialist 239-590-7662 137 Computing and Technology Systems
Carlin, Anna Associate Librarian, Instructional Technology Librarian, Interim Head of Reference, Research, & Instruction 239-590-7663 221 Reference, Research & Instruction
Cicinelli, Guy Sr. Computer Support Specialist 239-590-7664 137 Computing and Technology Systems
Cooke, Rachel Associate Librarian, Education, Humanities & History 239-590-7606 216 Reference, Research & Instruction
Daneri, Ircania Accountant 239-590-7624 231 Library Business Services
Donlan, Rebecca University Librarian, Assistant Director for Collections Management 239-590-7641 235 Library Collections and Technical Services
Enomoto, Jenna Assistant Librarian, Health Professions & Social Work 239-590-7651 215 Reference, Research & Instruction
Fedor, Evelyn Sr. Library Technical Assistant 239-590-7614 113 Customer Services
Fritcha, Jenny Sr. Library Technical Assistant 239-590-7611 109H Customer Services
Fruehan, Parker Coordinator, Computer Applications 239-590-7628 137 Computing and Technology Systems
Glatthaar, Mary "Peggy" Assistant Librarian, Head of Customer Services 239-590-1429 106 Customer Services
Jacobson, Cody Library Technology Support Specialist 239-590-7616 137 Computing and Technology Systems
Mehl, Lorrie Sr. Library Technical Assistant 239-590-7612 110 Customer Services
Miller, Dr. Kathleen University Librarian, Dean of Library Services 239-590-7605 233 Administration
Newman, Patricia Senior Secretary 239-590-7601 222 Library Business Services
Newsome, Daniel Library Technical Assistant 239-590-7625 110 Customer Services
O'Connell, Patrick Sr. Library Technical Assistant 239-590-7615 107 Customer Services
Peguese, Diana Sr. Library Technical Assistant 239-590-7637 109 Customer Services
Pendenque, Joslyn Sr. Library Technical Assistant 239-590-7631 115 Library Collections and Technical Services
Reycraft, Kimberly Assistant Librarian, Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math 239-590-1339 217 Reference, Research & Instruction
Rivera, Kaleena Sr. LTA, Archives, Special Collections, and Digital Initiatives 239-590-7506 325 Library Collections and Technical Services
Rokusek, Steve Assistant Librarian, Social Sciences 239-590-7632 220 Reference, Research & Instruction
Rosenthal, Danielle Zino Associate Librarian, Web Development & Design 239-590-7633 112 Library Services
Russell, Roberta Sr. Library Technical Assistant 239-590-7607 115 Library Collections and Technical Services
Saint, Chuck Sr. Computer Support Specialist 239-590-7622 137 Computing and Technology Systems
Shain, Andrea Coordinator, Library Administration 239-745-4271 237A Administration
Snapp, Heather Assistant Librarian, First Year Experience & Outreach 239-745-4224 230 Reference, Research, & Instruction
Stites, Dr. Barbara University Librarian, Associate Dean 239-590-7602 234 Administration
Tait, Leslie Library Technical Assistant 239-590-1564 109 Customer Services
Tait, Rachel Sr. Library Technical Assistant 239-590-7661 110 Customer Services
VandeBurgt, Melissa Assistant Librarian, Archives, Special Collections, and Digital Initiatives 239-590-7658 327 Library Collections and Technical Services
Vazquez, Donna Assistant Director 239-590-7603 232 Library Business Services
Whiteman, Gaby Sr. Library Technical Assistant 239-590-1848 237D Collections Management