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Off-Campus Access Link Generator

This tool will add coding to a persistent link or to a DOI Name found in a database that will allow it to be used from outside the FGCU campus network if it is not already embedded in the URL. For more information on persistent links and why you may need them, see the Persistent Links Information Page.

Please Note: Putting a URL through the Off-Campus Access Link Generator will not allow non-FGCU affiliates to access online library-licensed resources. Only FGCU students, staff, and faculty with valid 14 digit ID numbers have remote access to library-licensed electronic resources.

Paste article URL or the full DOI Link
(example: or


Paste article DOI Name
(example:10.1300/J136v10n03_13 )

Result: URL converted for off-campus access

If you have any questions regarding creating persistent links to library-licensed resources, please contact:

Reference Desk by phone: (239) 590-7630 or by email: