154_2884729-W.jpg Meet Lauren.

Lauren got her first research paper assignment in Composition class.The research paper can be on a topic that she chooses, but it must argue a point and it should relate to environmental sustainability. The assignment also says that she must use at least 3 outside sources to support her argument in the paper and it should be 4-5 pages long. Lauren doesn't know what to write her paper about. Her instructor says, "Pick a topic you are interested in, that way you will enjoy writing and researching the paper."

Lauren likes food. She like cooking, cooking shows, and eating out. So she thought she could write her paper about that. She tells her instructor that she is going to write her paper about food. Her instructor says that sounds fine, but she needs to work on focusing her topic a little more and make sure she finds good sources for evidence. Lauren leaves her instructor's office feeling a bit confused.



What should she do now? Does Lauren's story sound familiar to you? What would you tell her to do?

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Finding Your Way Around the Library

154_2880500-W.jpg Lauren is not so sure about the library.

She knows the library has books, but apparently there are other things going on there, too.

Take a few minutes to learn a little bit more about what the library has to offer.






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