Finding books

The librarian mentioned to Lauren that she might want to search for books on her topic in addition to articles. Here is a video that shows how she could use the Library Catalog to identify books on her topic and locate them on the shelf.


 Finding Books Video (2:46)


 Lauren has used the catalog and identified a book she would like to locate on the shelf. The record from the catalog is below.

catalog record cropped.png


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Value: 1
What piece of information from this catalog record should Lauren write down to find her book on the shelf?
    a.Food and Environment: the quest for a sustainable future
    c.Popov, Viktor
    d.TD195 .F57 I58 2011


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Value: 1
Lauren goes to the 2nd floor of Library East to find her book. She walks up to some book shelves and sees signs indicating what call number ranges are contained on the shelves. Which aisle should she walk down to locate her book? The call number for the book is TD195 .F57 I58 2011.
    a. aisle 1.jpg
    b.aisle 2.jpg


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Value: 1
Lauren is now looking for her book on the shelves. Which shelf contains the book she is looking for? (The call number is TD 195 .F57 I58 2011).
    a.shelf 1.jpg
    b.shelf 2.jpg
    c.shelf 4.jpg
    d.shelf 6.jpg
    e.shelf 8.jpg


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