154_2883419-W.jpg After all of the videos and visits to the reference desk, Lauren is settling in with her newly found articles and books to start incorporating them into her paper. YOU should be ready to take on your research papers now, too. Check your knowledge with these last questions.





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You are having problems using one of the library databases. Where might you go for help? Check all that apply.
    a.Visit the reference desk
    b.Phone the reference desk
    c.Email your questions to the library
    d.Chat with a librarian online
    e.Text the library

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Which of these statements is true?
    a.Research databases are designed for finding academic sources and journal articles.
    b.Journal articles are always free.
    c.Google is the best way to find journal articles.
    d.Peer reviewed journal articles are the same as magazine articles.

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What kind of databases would you choose to search if you aren't sure what subject your research topic falls under?
    a.Education databases (like Education Full-Text)
    b.General or Multidisciplinary databases (like ProQuest Central)
    c.Psychology databases (like PsycARTICLES)
    d.Science databases (like ScienceDirect)

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Is this article available in full-text?

article no full text.png


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Where is the best place to search for books owned by the FGCU Library?
    a.Academic Search Complete database
    b.E-Journal Portal
    d.Library catalog



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