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  • Who is the author?
  • What are the author's credentials?
  • Check for the author's name in the site's header or footer.
  • Look for a biography or resume for the author.
  • Check for links to the site's Home page, About Us.
  • Check author's affiliation:  organization, government agency, or college/university?
  • Check through the sponsor's or Web designer's e-mail address to obtain information about the author.
  • Check through links to the site's Home page, About Us

 Site's Sponsor/     Publisher

  • Who is the site's sponsor?
  • The last three letters of the URL can give you a clue about the site's sponsor.

    .com  = commercial businesses
    .net   =  network related organizations
    .org  =  nonprofit groups
    .edu  =  educational institutions
    .gov  =  U S government agencies
    .mil   =  US military

  • Check the site's header or footer.
  • Check for links to the site's Home page, About Us.
  • Check the site's domain through its Web address (URL)


  • What is the purpose of the resource?
  •  Who is its intended audience?
  • Inform: popular subject or scholarly
  • General audience
  • Persuade:  balanced or biased
  • Informed reader
  • Entertain
  • Scholar
  • Sell a product
  • Professional in the field


  • Is the information accurate?


  • Does the author refer to other works?
  • Does the author support his/her arguments?
  • Look for a bibliography (references) that is included in the Web site.
  • Is the information refereed/peer reviewed?


  • When was the source published?
  • Is the information still relevant?
  • Look for the date of publication in the web site's  header or footer. 
  • When was the site last revised?


  • Does the resource have the information you need?
  • Is the material written at a level you can understand?
  • Does the site have a table of contents.
  • Is the information too general?
  • Read through some of the text.
  • Is the information too technical?


  • Is the information available elsewhere in print or electronic format?