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Meet your Subject Liaison/Research Librarian. Liaisons are your go-to librarians, connecting you to library services and collections. They are subject specialists who provide support for faculty and student research, instruction, and scholarly communication, and who build rich library collections. A liaison librarian is assigned to each academic program to ensure that library services and collections meet the needs of the students and faculty.

Department Head, RRI
Linda Colding

Business, Resort & Hospitality Management
Regina Beard

Education & the Arts
Rachel Cooke

First Year Experience & Outreach
Heather Snapp

Health & Human Services
David Petersen

Justice Studies, Political Science, Public Administration, Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology
Steve Rokusek

Language & Literature, History, Communication, Philosophy, & Religion
Rachel Tait-Ripperdan

Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM)
Kim Reycraft


RRI LIbrarians photo

Front row: Kim Reycraft, Linda Colding, Regina Beard, Anna Carlin
Back row: Rachel Cooke, Rachel Tait, Steve Rokusek, David Petersen, Heather Snapp