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If you want to know whether the FGCU Library has a certain book or journal, you may prefer to check the FGCU Library Catalog now.

Who can use this service?
This email service is intended for the students, faculty, administration, and staff of Florida Gulf Coast University. If you are not affiliated with FGCU, we can only reply to your inquiry if it concerns Florida Gulf Coast University or some unique resource of the Library. It is recommended that patrons not associated with Florida Gulf Coast University work with a library in their local area to obtain the information needed.

Who will receive / answer my question?
A Florida Gulf Coast University Librarian will answer your question.

What kinds of questions are appropriate?
This service is meant for brief factual questions or for brief research consultations. Some examples include:

  • Where should I begin my search for information on this topic?
  • Which database/index should I use to find journal articles on this topic?
  • I have looked in the following sources, where else might I look?
  • Can you supply me with an (address, quotation source, or a historical fact)?
What questions are NOT appropriate?
Questions that a professor has assigned as part of a class assignment, or questions that require typing paragraphs or lists of information. Some examples include:

  • Could you give me a contact list of Fortune 500 businesses in New York City?
  • Can you give me a brief summary of the key facts of Revolutionary War?
  • What do the critics say about O Henry’s short story The Gift of the Magi?

How fast will I get an answer?
Within one business day (questions received Monday through Friday, excluding holidays). However, if we may need to ask you for further clarification, extra time might be required.

How can I expedite the process?
Please be as specific as possible when writing your question. You can also call the FGCU Library Reference Desk at 239-590-7630.