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DigitalFGCU provides online access to unique manuscripts, photographs, theses & dissertations, audiovisual materials, student scholarship, oral histories, and other materials from the FGCU community, the Library’s Special Collections, local historic societies, and beyond. Our goal is to support active learning and engagement by providing ample opportunities for discovery and scholarship. In order to achieve this goal, the repository is continually growing and developing.

Current Initiatives:

Developing FGCU’s Institutional Repository

We are actively developing DigitalFGCU's institutional repository to collect, preserve, and make available the scholarly output of FGCU. The institutional repository will house research articles, posters, theses, dissertations, white papers, presentations, and other scholarship created by FGCU faculty and students. The repository will provide public access to and increase the impact of FGCU research.

Aquila: Student Research Journal

Aquila, the FGCU Student Research Journal is now available on DigitalFGCU. Aquila features undergraduate and graduate student scholarship across all disciplines. We are proud to partner with Aquila faculty and students to raise the profile of FGCU’s greatest asset: the students. For more information on research opportunities and submission dates, see the Aquila website for more details.

The Turner Railroad Collection

Scholar Gregg M. Turner gifted Florida Gulf Coast University with an extensive collection of east coast railroad history. The collection consisting of bonds, publications, advertisements, photographs, and administrative material that can be accessed in person by visiting the reading room, Library 322. A digital version of the collection will soon be available in its entirety on DigitalFGCU.