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Open Access Archiving Policy

Implementation Plan

The Library will support the implementation of the Policy. The following is the proposed plan for the Library to support the success and sustainability of the Policy. The elements of the implementation plan are subject to change based on feedback.

A website to communicate the Open Access Archiving Policy to FGCU Faculty and provide information and resources about the Policy, including a FAQ, opt-out form, and support contacts.

Continuing the development of DigitalFGCU, FGCU’s institutional repository, with new or enhanced features, such as submission forms, researcher profiles, and readership reports.

The notification letter will give legal force to the Open Access Archiving Policy license and give publishers the opportunity to adapt their policies if they do not presently permit immediate post-print archiving in institutional repositories.

A high-level committee with broad university representation that will be charged with oversight of Policy implementation and providing feedback on the Policy.

Automated harvesting of articles available in other repositories will expand the DigitalFGCU collection, maintain a centralized collection of FGCU authored research, and allow authors to participate in the policy by archiving just once in a preferred disciplinary repository or a co-author’s institutional repository.

After three years of the Policy being in effect, the Faculty Senate Library Team will review the Policy and present a report to Faculty Senate.