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Open Access Archiving Policy

Sharing Your Research

The Open Access Archiving policy grants FGCU the ability to share your scholarly articles in DigitalFGCU, our institutional repository. The Policy applies to any scholarly articles published in peer-reviewed journals on or after August 1, 2017. Participating in the Open Access Archiving Policy is simply providing a copy of your article to be shared. You can participate in one single step and select whichever option you most prefer:

Option A. Submit via email

Email a copy of the article with the article citation to The copy should be the “post-print” of the article, which is the finalized copy after peer review, but without publisher typesetting. A PDF copy of the article is preferred.

It is recommended to submit a copy of the article by the publication date as this time period is when you’ll have the correct “post-print” version to submit and your research will experience the most readership.

Option B. Deposit your work directly to DigitalFGCU

In Fall 2017 a submission form will be available for FGCU authors to directly submit their scholarly articles to DigitaFGCU. The form will be simple and require information regarding the publication, such as the title, journal title, publication date, DOI, and link to the published version.

That’s it! No extra paperwork and your research will be available to a wider audience. Multiple studies have shown that openly accessible research and archived articles benefit from greater readership and increased research impact.