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Miller, Dr. Kathleen Library Dean, University Librarian 590-7605 225G
Shain, Andrea Assessment Coordinator 745-4271 224D
Stites, Dr. Barbara Associate Dean, University Librarian 590-7602 225H
Whiteman, Gaby Library Information Analyst 590-1848 224C

Archives, Special Collections, & Digital Initiatives

Rivera, Kaleena Assistant Librarian, Digital Initiatives 590-7506 326
Schneider, Natalie Sr. Library Technical Assistant 745-4472 325
VandeBurgt, Melissa Department Head, Associate Librarian 590-7658 327

Business Services

Daneri, Ircania Accountant 590-7624 225D
Newman, Patricia Administrative Specialist 590-7601 225A
Vazquez, Donna Department Head, Associate Director 590-7603 225F

Collections Management

Bhatt, Anjana University Librarian, E-Resources 590-7634 225L
Boyd, Christopher Assistant Librarian, Head Technical Services 590-7640 133C
Donlan, Rebecca Department Head, Associate Director, University Librarian 590-7641 225K
Euving, Anita Sr. Library Technical Assistant, Technical Services 590-7643 133J2
Pendenque, Joslyn Sr. Library Technical Assistant, Technical Services 590-7631 133J3
Williams, Mackenzie Sr. Library Technical Assistant 590-7607 133J1

Customer Service

Allen, Sheila Customer Service Assistant 590-7608 133N
Cree, Connie Sr. Library Technical Assistant 745-4441 127C
Fritcha, Jenny Sr. Library Technical Assistant, Course Reserves 590-7611 133G
Glatthaar, Mary "Peggy" Department Head, Assistant Librarian 590-1429 127B
Losey, Matt Library Technical Assistant Supervisor 590-7625 127C
Mehl, Lorrie Sr. Library Technical Assistant, Interlibrary Loan 590-7612 127C
O'Connell, Patrick Library Technical Assistant Supervisor 590-7615 127D
Peguese, Diana Sr. Library Technical Assistant 590-7637 133O
Tait, Leslie Library Technical Assistant 590-1564 133F

Reference, Research, & Instruction

Beard, Regina Associate Librarian, Business, Resort & Hospitality Management 745-4372 225T
Colding, Dr. Linda Department Head, Associate Librarian 590-7604 225S
Cooke, Rachel University Librarian, Liaison for Education & the Arts 590-7606 225Q
Craig, Amy Instructional Support Specialist 745-4452 224A
Reycraft, Kimberly Assistant Librarian, Liaison for Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math 590-1339 225R
Rokusek, Steve Assistant Librarian, Liaison for Social Sciences 590-7632 225U
Snapp, Heather Assistant Librarian, First Year Experience & Outreach 745-4224 225C
Tait-Ripperdan, Rachel Assistant Librarian, Liaison for Humanities 590-7661 225N

ITS - Library Systems & Technology

Bernardo, Mario Department Head, Associate Director 590-7621 143D
Chewning, Brian Library Systems Analyst III 590-7628 143F
Cicinelli, Guy Library Systems  Application Lead 590-7664 143J
Jacobson, Cody Library Network & Server Specialist 590-7662 143G
Masillo, Chrissy Library Systems Analyst II 590-7616 143G
Saint, Chuck Library Systems Analyst III 590-7622 143H

Technology & User Experience

Carlin, Anna Associate Librarian, Instructional Technology 590-7663 133A
Rosenthal, Danielle Department Head, University Librarian 590-7633 133B