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Responsible Administrator: Dean, Library Services


Library Services provides facilities which preserve an intellectual center of the campus and foster study and research interaction among students, faculty, librarians, and information resources. The following policy has been established to help achieve that purpose.


  1. Eating is permitted; drinks are allowed in spill-proof containers.
  2. Cell phones should be silenced.
  3. Conversation and any other noise should be minimized in consideration of other library users.
  4. Assistive animals, such as guide dogs, are the only animals allowed in the building.
  5. All university policies and regulations apply to the Library. For example, the University Acceptable Computer Use Policy is enforced in the Library.

Anyone engaged in disruptive behavior will be asked to stop the behavior or leave the building. Continued disruptive behavior may result in university disciplinary action, banning from the library, and/or arrest and by Campus Police and criminal prosecution.