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Finals Week Study Tips from Your Favorite Librarians

by Anna Karras on 2023-12-11T13:49:45-05:00 | 0 Comments


Hey Eagles! 

Now that finals week is here, some of our librarians have provided tips to help you prepare for a week of studying and hard work. As you enter this last week of the semester, remember to keep your head high and that we are here for you. The library will have coffee after Starbucks closes and our academic resources are readily available to help you put your best foot forward! 

Our Director of Academic & Community Engagement, Melissa Minds VandeBurgt, suggested scheduling out your study sessions in advance. To help relieve areas of stress that could be easily avoided, schedule your week of studying just like you would any other week of meetings, classes or appointments. This way, you can create clear expectations for yourself, and know exactly what your day-to-day will look like ahead of time! 

Anna Carlin, Instructional Technology Librarian, recommended putting together a playlist specifically intended for studying and focus. After a few productive study sessions, your brain will associate this music with concentration and productive focus! 

Read it out loud! Victoria Jones, University Archivist, recommends reading your notes or other study material out loud to yourself to help retain the information you are reviewing. Sometimes, talking through a difficult or hard-to-remember concept can help you gain a better understanding. 

Our Education & Arts Librarian, Rachel Cooke, has a tip that has proven effective for her in the past. She proposes writing down all the topics you need to study on one index card with one or two words to represent each concept. For each idea, mentally or verbally rehearse everything you remember about that topic. If you draw a blank, review your notes, Canvas shell or textbook to refresh your memory! 

Peggy Glatthaar, Head of Customer Services, said to get plenty of rest! Allowing yourself the rest you need is more valuable than pulling an all-nighter. This will keep you fresh and ready to take on each day as you study and prepare for each new project or exam. 

We hope you have a productive and successful week of finals. Remember, we are here to help and have many resources to aid in your journey to success! 

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