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Resort & Hospitality Strategic Management

Use Library resources to locate business information specific to hospitality management

DemographicsNOW Handouts

DemographicsNOW - Steps to Create Reports

From the Library homepageclick Search in the black ribbon.

Below is the Database Directory. There are several ways to access any database:

  1. If you know the database name, type it in the search box and click Go.
  2. Search by Subject.  Click the All Subjects down menu for the complete list of subject options.

DemographicsNOW Help 

Under the Help link, find a couple of useful resources including the Demographic Reports Guide, which describes the types of reports you can generate from the database.  The Mosaic USA Group and Type reports describe the people who are likely to participate in the activities or use the products you plan to offer/sell/produce.

Create a Report in DemographicsNOW

Choose Geography

  1. Click Options to see the drop down menu.
  2. Select Geography List

Choose a Geography 

Choosing Places allows the users to select by state.  Remember, for Comparison or Ranking reports, you will need to select a minimum of two cities.  The maximum number of cities you may include is sixteen (16).

Select a Report Type and Select a Report Name

1. Report Type options:

  • ​Summary - delivers information on a single geographic location
  • Rank - sorts geographies based on a single variable from high to low
  • Comparison - compares multiple geographic areas (2 to 16) by the variables in the report.

Select a Report.  Scroll to the drop down menu and select a report.  Refer to the Demographic Reports Guide  (in the Handouts box) for a complete list of reports along with their descriptions.

Run and Download Reports

DemographicsNOW - Find the Help link