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Library East (Atrium Side)

1st Floor

135 East 136 East 137 East
138 East 139 East 140 East

2nd Floor

237 East 238 East 239 East

3rd Floor

320 East
334 East 335 East 336 East

Mediascape collaborative workstations are available in all Library East study rooms.

Library West

1st Floor

109 West 110 West 111 West
112 West 113 West 114 West
115 West 116 West Cube A West
Cube B West Cube C West

2nd Floor

209A West 209B West 209C West
209D West 209E West 210 West
211 West 213 West 214 West
215 West 216 West

Mediascape collaborative workstations are available in Library West 109, 110, and 111