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Library eBooks

Can I download an eBook from FGCU to my computer, e-reader, or mobile device?

Yes, many eBooks in the FGCU Library can be downloaded in part or in full to be viewed offline. When you find an eBook you want to read, the downloading options are usually presented to you within the information page for that book in EBSCO, Proquest, or other eBook platform.

Example of an “availability and permissions” message on an eBook:

ebook permissions

ebook availability

Books in JSTOR can just be downloaded as PDFs. Remember that you can simply view eBooks online without downloading, if you don’t want an offline option.

To download books from a provider like EBSCO or ProQuest eBook Central, do steps 1-3 first:

  1. Create an Adobe account (click here to create an account, click here for existing Adobe Members)
  2. Download a reader for your book:
  3. Authenticate/activate reader with your Adobe ID.
  4. Once you have done the proceeding 3 steps, you will be ready to download full books from most eBook providers. Each eBook provider will also ask you to log-in or create a unique user account in their platform to track your checkouts.
    • EBSCO will ask you to create MyEBSCOhost account to download books.
    • eBrary will ask you to create an eBrary account
    • EBL will ask for your FGCU 14 digit ID number to sign in. Community Borrowers will not be able to access EBL books.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions for downloading in each provider platform.
    These instructions should work for most eBooks that allow full downloads and for most devices. If you are trying to download an eBook onto a device that does not have wireless internet capability or otherwise does not work with the instructions given, please refer to the help documents for each eBook platform or contact a librarian at or (239) 590-7630.