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Library eBooks

Platform specific information for Proquest, EBSCO, and other eBooks.

ProQuest eBook Central
ProQuest eBook Central books can be read in the browser and most can be downloaded for offline access with a digital-rights management enabled reader (Adobe Digital Editions, Bluefire Reader).
To learn all about ProQuest eBook Central books and how to use them, see ProQuest’s online guide.

EBSCO eBooks
Almost all EBSCO books can be read in the browser or downloaded. Most books checkout for up to 7 days. To checkout and download entire books, users must create a free MyEBSCOhost account. Users may download entire books using a secured reader (Adobe Digital Editions, Bluefire Reader). Availability for full download depends on publisher limitations and each book will clearly indicate its permissions for download, printing, and saving.

Fully detailed help is available from EBSCO.

Other Providers (ABC-CLIO, Cambridge, CRC, Gale Virtual Reference, IEEE, MyiLibrary)
There are many other providers of ebooks that can be found in the FGCU Library catalog and databases. Many of these providers will allow you to save PDF files of portions of the books. Some may only provide HTML text of book chapters or entries. HMTL text can be copied and pasted into other documents for offline reading.


I can only see the first page of an ebook OR a new PDF opens every time I turn a page.

This is probably due to a setting in Adobe Reader (or your PDF reader). To get the right viewing experience you will want to set PDFs to open within the browser window. To ensure ebooks are displayed in the ebook viewer in the browser window:

  1. Launch Adobe Reader.
  2. Click the Edit menu in the toolbar at the top of Adobe Reader.
  3. Select Preferences from the drop-down list of options.
  4. Select Internet in the left-column of the resulting menu.
  5. Mark the check box Display PDF in browser.
  6. Click OK.

eBooks now display in the eBook viewer without displaying individual PDFs for each page.


I downloaded a book into Adobe Digital Editions (or other reader app on my mobile device) and now it says it is expired. How do I access the book again?

You will need to go back to the place where you originally downloaded the book and check it out and download it again. Try searching the FGCU Library catalog for the title of the book to get back to the eBook.