Section 508 Website Accessibility

Certain documents on this site are available as a Portable Document Format (PDF) file. PDF content requires Adobe Acrobat Reader and can be downloaded by visiting

The University encourages anyone needing assistance in accessing content found on the University's website to contact the FGCU office or department that maintains the webpage. For an accessible version of PDF material, please contact FGCU Adaptive Services at or by calling 239 590-7956.

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  • General computing and software assistance in the lab
  • Printing support from library computers
  • Manual library printer installation support for laptops
  • Wireless connectivity access and support
  • Connectivity support for library electronic resources
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Library Lab ADA Information

For patrons with special needs, all library lab workstations include Windows 10’s built-in accessibility software, which is available via the search menu or in the start menu folder “Windows Ease of Access.”. All library lab computers meet accessible location and height requirements. In addition, there are four workstations and one printer located by the Library Lab Support Desk designated with ADA signs that have additional accessibility enhancements such as large-text, high contrast keyboards and Kensington Expert trackball mice.

The office of Adaptive Services at FGCU supports more extensive accessible software needs and requests.

Green Initiatives:


We are committed to efficient use of technology resources, recycling, and power savings:

An estimate of the power savings to the university since program inception in 2007 is:
Power Savings   (January 2007 - April 2016)
  Per Month   To Date
Electricity Saved: 5,139 kWh   570,448 kWh
University Funds Saved: $539   $59,802