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The ITS - Library team is ready to assist you with any library technology related questions you may have.

(239) 590-7617 |
FAQs: Library Tech Frequently Asked Questions

ITS Library Staff

Cody Jacobson, Library Network & Server Specialist, (239) 590-7662
Brian Chewning, Library Systems Analyst III, (239) 590-7628
Chuck Saint, Library Systems  Analyst III, (239) 590-7622
Chrissy Masillo, Library Systems Analyst II, (239) 590-7616
Zackery Toth, IT Support Specialist I, (239) 590-4599
Luca Missaglia, IT Support Specialist I, (239)590-4598

Main Phone: (239) 590-7619

ITS-Library Mission

To provide a flexible and reliable technology environment for the university library that enhances student learning, promotes information technology literacy, and supports scholarship and faculty research. The Library Systems & Technology department supports library information management systems, maintains library servers and applications, manages the library computing lab environment, and participates in university-wide technology initiatives.

ITS-Library Services

  • General computing and software assistance in the lab
  • Printing support from library computers
  • Manual library printer installation support for laptops
  • Wireless connectivity access and support
  • Connectivity support for library electronic resources

FGCU Technology Acceptable Use Policy

Library Lab ADA Information:

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For patrons with special needs, all library lab workstations include accessibility software including Narrator, Magnifier, On-screen keyboard and an accessibility setup wizard and special tools. All library lab computers meet accessible location and height requirements, including two specific workstations that may be requested for easier accessibility to printers and the lab support desk. For more information go to: Library Lab ADA Information.

Green Initiatives:


The Library Systems & Technology department is committed to efficient use of technology resources, recycling, and power savings:

  • Since late 2008, the library's lab and staff printers have been using 100% recycled paper
  • The Library Systems & Technology team also participates in programs for the sustainable recycling of toner cartridges, small electronics, and "paper mining" (re-using used paper).
  • Since January 2007, approximately 250 of the library’s computers have been configured to automatically shut-down for a minimum of 50-70 hours per week (with longer shut down times during winter breaks, summer and intersession periods).

An estimate of the power savings to the university since program inception in 2007 is:

Power Savings   (January 2007 - April 2016)
  Per Month   To Date
Electricity Saved: 5,139 kWh   570,448 kWh
University Funds Saved: $539   $59,802

Library Lab Statistics:

statistical chart

  • View library lab usage and login statistics for the current academic year
  • Use our interactive, real-time reports for current and past usage