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Printing Costs

  • black/white = $0.06 per page; $0.11 duplex
  • color = $0.30 per page; $0.59 duplex

How to Print

  1. Log onto a library computer using your username which is the first part of your email address (e.g. yourname1234), leaving off the portion.
  2. Print your document; the computer will display a "Printer Paused" message once the print job is sent. The default printer is the printer closest to your station, but you can also select a color printer.
  3. Log into any Print Release Station with the same username (e.g. yourname1234) and swipe your Eagle ID card in the slot on the keyboard.
  4. Select your file to be printed from the list and click print.

Printer & Scanner Locations

Main Computing Lab Area

  • 21 b&w printers
  • 2 color printers
  • 4 scanning stations
  • 11 Print Release Stations

Atrium Kiosks (quick print stations)

  • 4 b&w printers
  • 1 color printer
  • 4 Print Release Stations
Printer & Scanner Locations

Reference Area Lab

  • 1 b&w printer
  • 1 color printer
  • 1 microfilm scanner
  • 1 Print Release Station

West Lab

  • 1 b&w printer
  • 1 Print Release Station

The Study (faculty & grad students)

  • 1 b&w printer
  • 1 Print Release Station
Copiers in the Library

Copy Costs

  • black/white =$.05 / page
  • color = $.10 / page

Library West 1st Floor, near elevator