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The Study will remain closed through the Fall 2020 semester.

What is the Study?

A space for faculty and/or graduate students to engage in collaborative research, writing, or independent study. Graduate students can use the space for group research/writing projects, meeting with their thesis advisor, or independent study for comprehensive exams.

Work space is available on a first come, first served basis. The Study is not intended as a quiet area. We encourage collaboration. However, be respectful of others using the space.

Where is the Study?

The Study is located in Room 220 Library West. You can use it when the library is open.

I'm a graduate student, how do I get access?

The Study will remain closed through the Fall 2020 semester. Applications will not be filled.

Apply Online Print Application

I'm a Faculty member, how do I get access?

No application is necessary. All university faculty IDs are coded to open the door.

Are there computers & a printer in the Study?

Yes, there are:

How is it arranged? How big is the room?

The room is about the size of a classroom. There are:


Questions? Comments?

Let us know how we can make this space work best for you. Make your requests, or report problems of any nature to:

Andrea Shain ph. 239-745-4271

Or, call the Reference Desk at 239-590-7630