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Message from the Dean

A great university requires a great library. FGCU increasingly grows its impact through teaching, research, scholarship, and creative activity; therefore, the library has developed a plan to elevate that impact not only on our region, but the world. The university library mission is to inspire intellectual inquiry and promote scholarship by providing welcoming spaces and making resources and services accessible to our diverse community. We do this by collaborating with university and community partners. Research suggests, the more students use the library, the more successful they are in their academic endeavors. Faculty and visiting researchers that use our collections and collaborate with librarians are more likely to have successful grant applications and to increase the visibility of their scholarship. Our vision for 2030 is for the library to be the intellectual center of campus, where students, faculty, researchers and community members gather (physically and virtually) to elevate their learning, teaching, research and scholarship.

On behalf of the faculty and staff of the University Library, I invite all who can benefit from our services, resources, and spaces to help us realize the library vision. We have the plan, the expertise, and we have the passion. With your continuous feedback, collaboration, and financial support, FGCU will have the library required to expand the impact of this great university.
Tracy Elliott