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Employee Directory

Beard, Regina University Librarian, Interim Director, Research, Scholarship, & Instruction 745-4372 225S Research, Scholarship & Instruction
Bernier, Susan Assistant Director, Department Head  590 7650 133C Collection Strategy
Bhatt, Anjana University Librarian, E-Resources 590-7634 133A Collection Strategy
Brown, Jeremy Associate Library Dean 590-7605 225H Administration
Carlin, Anna Associate Librarian, Instructional Technology 590-7663 225L Systems, Applications, & Creative Technologies
Cooke, Rachel University Librarian, Education & the Arts 590-7606 225Q Research, Scholarship & Instruction
Daneri, Ircania Accounting Specialist II 590-7624 225D Business Services
Elliott, Tracy Library Dean 590-7602 225G Administration
Euving, Anita Coordinator, Library Collections Management 590-7643 133J2 Collection Strategy
Fritcha, Jenny Library Specialist 590-7611 133G Customer Services
Glatthaar, Peggy Assistant Librarian, Department Head 590-1429 127B Customer Services
Jones, Victoria Assistant Librarian, University Archivist 590-7614 326 Archives & Special Collections
Karras, Anna Library Marketing & Communications Coordinator 745-4452 224D Marketing & Outreach
Losey, Matt Coordinator, Creative Commons Lab 590-7625 224C Systems, Applications, & Creative Technologies
Masillo, Chrissy Library Information Systems Analyst II 590-7640 133B Systems, Applications, & Creative Technologies
Mays, Traci Assistant Librarian, Health & Human Services 590-7651 225O Research, Scholarship & Instruction
Mehl, Lorrie Library Specialist 590-7612 127C Customer Services
Murray, Emily Coordinator, Library Projects 745-4271 325 Archives & Special Collections
Newman, Patricia Administrative Specialist 590-7601 225A Business Services
O'Connell, Patrick Library Manager 590-7615 127D Customer Services
Pendenque, Joslyn Library Collections Management Specialist II 590-7631 133J3 Collection Strategy
Reycraft, Kimberly Associate Librarian, Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math 590-1339 225R Research, Scholarship & Instruction
Rivera, Kaleena Assistant Librarian, Research Systems & Applications 590-7506 225N Systems, Applications, & Creative Technologies
Rodgers, Bailey Coordinator, Archives 745-4472 325 Archives & Special Collections
Rokusek, Steve Associate Librarian, Social Sciences 590-7632 225U Research, Scholarship & Instruction
Rosenthal, Danielle University Librarian, Head, Systems, Applications, & Creative Technologies 590-7633 225K Systems, Applications, & Creative Technologies
Schaff, Emily Library Supervisor 590-7637 127C Customer Services
Snapp, Heather Associate Librarian, 1st Yr Experience/Outreach 745-4224 225C Marketing & Outreach
Tait, Leslie Library Assistant 590-1564 133F Customer Services
Tait-Ripperdan, Rachel Associate Librarian, Language & Literature, History, Communication, Philosophy, & Religion 590-7661 225V Research, Scholarship & Instruction
VandeBurgt, Melissa University Librarian, Director, Academic & Community Engagement 590-7658 327 Archives/Special Collections & Marketing/Outreach
Vazquez, Donna Associate Director 590-7603 225F Business Services
Whiteman, Gaby Data Management Analyst 590-1848 224C Systems, Applications, & Creative Technologies
Williams, Mackenzie Library Collections Management Specialist II 590-7607 133J1 Collection Strategy
Zhang, Hansen Assistant Librarian, Data 590-7604 225T Research, Scholarship & Instruction