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Real Estate Resources

Library resources for real estate research

Real Estate Journals

This short list of academic and trade journals represents titles you will find when your search the Library's online catalog.  You may search by title, if you know it,  to determine location and availability.  Not sure how to search the catalog?  The short video Finding Books in the Library will help you to find both print and electronic sources.

What are Boolean Operators?

  • The most commonly-used Boolean operators are AND & OR
  • Operators allow researchers to combine search terms
  • Remember, you don't have to enter all of the terms you brainstorm into one search

Finding Articles at FGCU Library

These databases are great starting points for general information.

Start your search with one of these online resources.

Internet News Sources - Real Estate

These online sources provide access to all aspects of real estate.  Although much of the content is freely available, you may find that some content is limited to members only.

General tips for identifying search terms

Database providers continuously strive to streamline the research process, so don't forget to check the Help links.  Consider these steps for creating a list of relevant words and terms:

  • Try to state your information need in a sentence, question, or phrase and identify the key terms. 

                       What impact does advertising have on home sales

  • Consider additional words to describe your topic.  Check encyclopedias or dictionaries. Search the Library catalog for your topic and encyclopedias (i.e. ethics AND encyclopedias).  Consult a thesaurus.
advertising marketing
home sales housing market
impact effect
  • Use Boolean operators (AND, OR) to combine synonymous terms:
  advertising OR marketing
AND home sales OR housing market
AND impact OR effect