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Resort & Hospitality Strategic Management

Use Library resources to locate business information specific to hospitality management

Where to Find It?

Try these databases for news on your company or industry, from magazines, newspapers, blogs, and trade publications.
Sources that include Florida publications

Off-campus Access

You can access library resources from off campus using your 14-digit EagleID.  Check out the link above for the details.

Find Articles in the Library - a short tutorial

Tips for identifying and using search terms

Consider these steps before you begin searching the databases:

1. Try to state your information need in a sentence, question, or phrase, then identify the key words or phrases:


Discuss the impact of the hospitality industry on the local economy.  

2.  Brainstorm additional words and phrases that describe your topic:

hospitality tourism
impact influence

**Encyclopedias can help familiarize you with your topic.  Search the Library catalog for your topic and encyclopedias (hospitality AND encyclopedias).  Also, try consulting a thesaurus.

3. Boolean operators (AND, OR) make it easier to combine synonymous terms:
  hospitality OR tourism
AND impact OR influence
AND economy