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Exploring Innovation: Student Creations from the University Library Makerspace

by Matt Losey on 2024-03-05T16:17:00-05:00 in Makerspace | 0 Comments

The University Library Makerspace has been a hub of innovative projects, and we're excited to showcase a selection of student creations!

Drone life jacket
This prototype was created to help prevent the loss of drones if accidents happened over bodies of water. The housing would contain a water sensor, a small inflatable, and an air canister. If the water sensor was triggered it would use the air canister to inflate the raft, hopefully causing the drone to float on top of the water, and not sink. These designs were able to be iterated multiple times, thanks to the quick capabilities of the 3D printers.


Writing bird and card holder
These projects were completed by two students in the Occupational Therapy Master’s program as projects for a class. The writing bird assists those with low hand and wrist mobility with writing and drawings. The form of the writing bird allows for ergonomic holding and the wheels on the bottom allow for fluid movement across the writing surface. The holder was designed to be used in a variety of card games by an individual who has low dexterity in their hands and finger.



Solar Car & Dragster
This project is part of a technology competition by some of FGCU’s Dual Enrollment students at Dunbar High School. Their project is to design two cars. One that will be solar powered and must complete a course, while carrying a ping pong ball in the back. The other one, a dragster, will use a CO2 canister to see how far their design will allow the car to go. These vehicles had to adhere to a specified weight and size to meet the requirements of the competition, showcasing the precision and accuracy of translating the 3D models to physical ones. We also 3D printed a variety of other parts such as gears for the motor and used the Glowforge to create some housings and buffers between the moving parts and the ping pong ball.



Part of an engineering course here at FGCU, the students used the 3D printers to create their fan designs. Through this they can see which fan blade shapes and configuration yielded the most effective airflow. This project provided valuable insights into aerodynamics and design principles, allowing the students hands on learning of concepts they discuss in class.



These projects exemplify the creativity and problem-solving skills of students within FGCU's community.

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