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Library Makerspace: The Future of FGCU Creativity

by Anna Karras on 2022-10-24T16:06:00-04:00 | 0 Comments

To show how some of the equipment in the FGCU Library’s Makerspace works, Coordinator Matthew Losey carved teddy bears using lasers. It’s all taking place in a machine called a Glowforge, a laser engraver that can sear and slice designs into wood planks. The process was faster than a walk across campus. Details were etched into the wood in twenty minutes, and the laser cut the outlines of their bodies in seconds. To some, this sounds like an opportunity only a few will receive. But to FGCU students, it’s another wonderful library service available to all.

In addition to the new Glowforge, the Makerspace offers access to 3D printers for students to bring their designs and prototypes to life, currently by appointment only. To get started using the Glowforge or 3D printers, all you need to do is submit the appropriate file using the submission forms below.  Students pay only for the materials. In the future, the process will transition to a hands-on model, where students will be able to complete a brief training course and use the machines themselves.

The Makerspace is as dynamic as the projects within it, as several expansions are being planned. A CNC machine is next in line for joining the Makerspace, which carves students’ designs from a block of solid material, such as wood, aluminum, and various types of plastic. The space is expected to expand and accommodate more students, machines, and technologies.  Students will learn skills in an environment that collaborative and fun, preparing them for future careers.  The Makerspace is a growing hub for FGCU’s creativity.

3D printing submission form:

Glowforge submission form:

If you have a design you would like to create, contact Matthew Losey at to begin planning.

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