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3D Printers

Prusa 3D Printer Printing Space


About the Library's 3D Printers

The FGCU Library has three 3D printers available in the 3D Printing Studio located in Library West 116. To begin the process, student must submit a zip file containing the 3D model* information to print (GCODE, STL, BLEND, OBJ, FBX). Upon review of the submitted model, the student will be notified via email whether the print is proceeding or errors exist within the model and corrections are required. If errors exist, it is recommended to either schedule a consultation for advice on how to proceed or check out the 3D modeling page with videos on preparing your model for printing. If the model is approved, the print will typically be completed within a week and the student will be notified via email of completion. On completion, the 3D print will be available for pickup at the Circulation/Main desk of the library (requires Student ID card).

*Note that FGCU uses Blender, so any file type submitted must be either the already sliced GCODE set up with proper parameters or a file that can be opened by Blender. STL is the preferred file type, which can be exported from Blender and most other 3D Modeling software environments.

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