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Cannabis Studies for Health Professions

US Cannabis Association

We advocate the growth of a responsible and legitimate cannabis industry throughout the World and work for a favorable social, economic, and legal environment for this industry, national, and international.  To promote the medical, health, and therapeutic benefits of the compounds of the Cannabis plant cannabinol (CBD) and the Hemp Oil. which is an organic alternative form of medical treatment, and health care preventive measures, for every population.

The International Cannabis Association

At our core, TICA believes in and values the medical benefits that safe, transparent and verified cannabis can provide to patients. We believe that bringing reliable, verified and standardized cannabinoid-based medicine to hospitals, organizations and homes will have a significant impact on the health and well-being of people around the world. 

The Association of Cannabinoid Specialist

The Association of Cannabinoid Specialists ensures the highest standards in the practice of cannabis medicine, safeguards patient care with clinical best practices, and interfaces with other stakeholders in the cannabis community. We believe that patients are uniquely vulnerable and have very different needs than recreational users. We provide evidence and experience-based education for patients, cannabis clinicians, referring clinicians, and lawmakers to help them understand cannabis medicine and make informed decisions. We are an advocacy organization striving to provide guidance on best practices in the laws and regulations at the federal, state, and international levels.