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Core Journals

So, what are "core journals?"

Core journals refer to the journals within a given specialty that are the most important ones for that specialty. They are frequently among the most well-known journals: the most often read, consulted, or cited by other researchers, educators, and practitioners within that specialty.

HINT: Core journals are also good journals for students to consult who are looking for research articles in a given speciality!

Core Journals in Health Sciences

The journals are listed alphabetically.  Any information in quotes is direct from the journal's official website.

  1. American Journal of Health Sciences
  2. Advances in Health Sciences Education
  3. Clinical and Experimental Health Sciences
  4. Developments in Health Sciences
  5. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research
  6. Journal of Complexity in Health Sciences
  7. Journal of Healthcare Management
  8. Journal of Health Sciences
  9. Journal of Health and Caring Sciences
  10. Journal of Health Sciences and Medicine
  11. Journal of Health Sciences and Professions
  12. Journal of Health Sciences and Surveillance System
  13. Journal of Social, Behavioral, and Health Sciences
  14. Medical Devices & Surgical Technology Week
  15. Minds and Machines
  16. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) News
  17. Research Journal of Health Sciences