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Psychological Test vs Assessment

What is Psychological Testing and Assessment?

Psychological assessment is a process in which a qualified mental health care provider assesses a person’s mental health to find a diagnosis and create a mental health care plan. Psychological testing is often the first step when someone seeks treatment for mental health symptoms.

The idea of a psychological test may seem frightening to some people due to the stigma of mental health care. It can be helpful to think of psychological testing, like diagnostic tests in other fields of medicine. If your arm is in pain, the doctor may recommend an x-ray to see what’s happening and make a treatment plan.

Similarly, if you live with mental, emotional, or behavioral issues that make life more difficult, you should see a qualified mental health care provider. They conduct psychological testing to give you the best possible care.

Psychological Tests vs. Assessments

During a psychological test, a mental health care provider will ask a set of standard questions about the patient’s symptoms. Providers then use these answers to determine whether someone meets the diagnostic criteria for a specific disorder. There are many types of psychological tests, each of which seeks to answer a particular question about the patient’s mental health status.

A psychological assessment allows mental health care providers to look at several types of information to gain a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s mental health. During a psychological assessment, a provider may look at:

  • Psychological test results
  • Informal conversations
  • Clinical interviews
  • School or work records
  • Conversations with the patient’s family, friends, teachers, or social workers

A provider then uses all of this information to make their diagnoses and design a treatment plan.

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