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International Business

print and electronic resources for international business research

Finding Articles at FGCU Library

Databases for International Business

The databases listed here are the most relevant for finding international business information and news articles.  Additional business databases may be selected from the Databases page of the Library website.  Select the subject heading Business & Economics.

General tips for identifying search terms

Database provides continually strive to the research process, so it’s worth your time to check the databases Help links.

What do you want to know?  Try to state your information need in a sentence, question, or phrase:

 Do U.S. tariffs impact global supply chains?


Identify the key terms in your initial question:

U.S. tariffs


global supply chains


Think of other ways to describe your topic.  This is where locating general information on your topic will be helpful.  Search the catalog for your topic AND encyclopedias.  You may also consult a thesaurus.


u.s. tariffs  
impact effect
supply chains logistics 

Use Boolean operators* (AND, OR) to combine synonymous terms:


  u.s. tariffs        
AND supply chain OR logistics OR procurement
AND impact OR effect OR influenc

* What is a Boolean operator?  The most common Boolean operators are AND & OR. The use of operators allows researchers to combine several search terms into one search. Identify several words and terms that can be used in different combinations to get to relevant results. Keep in mind, it is not necessary, or even advisable to enter all of the terms you brainstorm into one search. In the above example:  each column of terms could be a separate search.