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What are Accelerated Reader (AR) Books?

How are AR books used in schools?

Many K-12 schools encourage students to read Accelerated Reader (AR) books. Many books published for children and teens have been assigned an interest level (IL), an ATOS Book Level (BL) a Lexile measure, and accelerated reader points (AR pts). 

How do you know if your book is an AR book?

Teachers, parents, and kids can look up their book in to see if a book is an AR book. 

What do the numbers stand for?

Teachers usually assign a a book level (BL) to their students based on their skill level. Book levels are designed to match approximate year and month of school for example, 4.5 = fourth grade, fifth month; 2.1 = second grade, 1st month. 

How do students take AR tests?

When students or parents look up their book in either point scan,, or TumbleBooks, they should record the author, title, level, and AR quiz number. The student will take a comprehension test on that book at their school to earn AR points. Many schools reward children for earning AR points.  

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