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Library resources for Marketing research

Where to find it - Marketing

Identifying the best database for your search may depend on what type of information you are looking for.  The image below includes examples of where to find specific information.  Click the link below to see the full document.

Find Articles Using Library Databases - a short tutorial

Tips for identifying search terms

Database providers strive to make the research process more efficient, so  take a few minutes to check the database Help links.  Before you begin your database search, consider these steps:

  • What are you looking for?  Try to state your information need in a sentence, question, or phrase, then identify the key words or terms:

 What is the business culture like in Greece?

  • Think of other words that could describe your topic.  Check encyclopedias to get some background information.  For example, synonyms for etiquette include protocols, climate, or customs.  Search the Library catalog for your topic and encyclopedias (i.e. ethics AND encyclopedias).  Check a thesaurus.

business culture business etiquette business practices
Greece Eastern Europe Europe


  • Use Boolean operators* (AND, OR) to combine synonymous terms:


  business culture OR business etiquette OR business practices
AND Greece OR Eastern Europe OR Europe

*What is a Boolean operator?  The most common Boolean operators are AND & OR. The use of  these operators allows researchers to combine several terms into one search. Identify synonyms for your original search terms that can be used in different combinations to get to relevant results. Keep in mind, it is not necessary, or even advisable, to enter all of the terms you brainstorm into one search. In the above example:  each column of terms could be a separate search. 

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