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International Marketing

Library resources for Marketing research

Locating Market Research articles in a Database

Try searching these databases for marketing information:

Some terms that might be useful:

market segmentation
consumer behavior
target market
purchasing power
consumer spending

AND/OR  -  adding more terms will further define your search, but remember, the more precise your search, the fewer results

age groups
generation X
generation Y
generation Z
baby boomer



The use of quotation marks ("") in a search ("market segmentation", for example) tells the database to search the exact phrase.

The use of the asterisk (*) in a search (market*, for example) tells the database to search for variations of the word - market, marketing, markets.


Country Profiles

Library Databases where you will find country profiles:

  • Search ABI/Inform Complete or Business Source Ultimate; pair your country with the word report.  Your results will include several reports types (risk report, country industry report).
  • In Mergent Online, look for the Country Profile box on the lower right side of the search box.
  • In Statista, simply enter your country's name in the search box.

​You may also want to look at other business databases.

Internet Sources for country profiles:

International Trade Sources

Internet Sources for Trade Information:

Doing Business in...