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Library Student Advisory Board


  • The Board will include up to 10 student members.  Efforts will be made to include representatives that reflect the diversity of the FGCU student body including:

    • Undergraduate and graduate students representing each college and a wide range of programs

    • A member serving as liaison to Student Government

  • The Dean of the FGCU Library may appoint up to 10 student members.

  • The Student Government Association (SGA) President may appoint one Board member.

  • The term of office for the student members of the Student Advisory Board is for one year. Members in good standing may be re-appointed for one additional year of service.

  • The Library Dean will serve as Chair and may delegate responsibility for communications, agendas, meeting notes, and announcements.

  • Members of the Library’s faculty and staff may represent the Library to the Library Student Advisory Board or be invited to speak to issues pertinent to their areas of expertise.


The LSA Board will meet at least twice each semester. Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed.