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Library Student Ambassador Program

Responsibilities and Expectations

Each Library Student Ambassador will work with the coordinator to develop an individual weekly schedule of approximately 6 hours in the following areas:

Training and Meetings

Library Student Ambassadors are required to participate in initial and ongoing training sessions in addition to bi-weekly meetings with the Library Ambassador Coordinator and monthly meetings the entire Library Student Ambassador group.

Reference/office hours

Includes shadowing at reference desk or other locations (e.g. South Village, TRiO, Athletics); providing research assistance at reference desk or other locations; roving reference; monitoring chat reference.


Includes observing information literacy instruction sessions or workshops; leading or co-teaching an activity or workshop; working on own, with librarian, or with another ambassador to create instruction activities; providing feedback and reflection on instruction.

Meetings and Reflection

Includes .5-1 hour bi-weekly meetings with Library Student Ambassador Coordinator; 1.5 hour monthly group meetings; reflection and feedback/evaluation of their own and library services/instruction.

Library Ambassadors

Special Projects/Events

Each Library Student Ambassador will work with the coordinator to identify one or more special projects to complete each semester. Special projects can be done individually or, in some cases, with another ambassador(s). Possibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Represent the library at Eagle View Orientations or Eagle EXPO (give information, answer questions about the library from potential and new students)
  • Staff tables during Week of Welcome, other events
  • Help plan and/or participate in Library Welcome Event
  • Give library tours, participate in EVO tours
  • Marketing: Create promotional materials; put up flyers, posters, bookmarks around campus; talk to students at RA meetings or other venues
  • Create Library displays or events; examples: One Book One Campus, Banned Books Week, National Library Week, Library Snapshot Day
  • Create online resources, such as LibGuides or video tutorials
  • Help with existing or creation of original outreach events
  • Evaluating and providing feedback on trial databases or other library materials