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Search for the Skunk Ape

Composition II (ENC 1102) students: You should have access to this tutorial in your ENC1102 course in Canvas. When you do the tutorial in Canvas, your scores will be collected in the gradebook for your instructor to see. Only complete the tutorial here on the webpage if you can’t use Canvas. If you complete the tutorial here, you may have a score receipt sent to your email address as proof of completion.

Searching for the Skunk Ape

During this quest you will search for information about the mysterious ape creature, and along the way you will become more information literate. Being information literate means that you are able to:

  • Identify and articulate your information need
  • Know how information is structured and where to find it
  • Access information you need effectively and efficiently
  • Evaluate information you find and use it appropriately
  • Use information you find ethically

What is in this for you? Attaining information literacy will help you get better grades, be more employable, and make better decisions because you can find and use information effectively. Each module provides valuable information about the research process and demonstrates through interactive games, videos, and illustrations how to go about research assignments efficiently and successfully. There are also short quizzes that will help you (and possibly your professors) evaluate your understanding of the information, and will help the Library assess the effectiveness of the tutorial.

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Skunk Ape Reads

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