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3D Printers

Sign up for in person assistance, consultation on slicer settings, materials, or 3d modeling suggestions.

All users of the 3D Printing Lab agree to these rules and guidelines:

  • Users of the lab are responsible for cleaning any equipment or space used. Assume that anything you touch or put near your mouth has recently been used by someone else and they may not have cleaned after they used it. 
  • You must submit your file for printing and await approval. If any issues arise, you can schedule a consultation to discuss a solution. Anything saved on the computers may not be there the next time you log in. Save early and save often, on your own storage device.
  • Due to high demand, print time is limited to a maximum of 6 hours.
  • Filament provided is 1.75mm PLA in various colors, you may also bring your own filament to use.
  • There is no food or drink allowed in the 3D Printing Lab, leave all food and drink outside. 
  • Please do not disconnect or alter the cabling and connections between the computers and printers.  
  • All equipment that comes with the room must remain in the room, to include filamant and SD cards. Users may be held liable for loss or damage of equipment that occurs during their scheduled time in the room. 
  • Before you leave the room at the end of your session:
    • Log off all computers.
    • Clean up your trash.
    • Gently scrape any remaining material off the build plate using the scraper.
  • Users of the 3D Printing Lab are expected to vacate the room at the end of their scheduled time so that proper inventory and maintenance can occur and other groups can use the room.
  • All users of the room are expected to adhere to all policies outlined in the University Student Code of Conduct while occupying the lab.
  • All users assume responsibility for their own content created in the 3D Printing Lab, including adherence to federal copyright law (Title 17, U.S. Code).