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Additional Resources on Race

Welcome to the Race Resources Research Guide

Quote from FGCU Office of Institutional Equity & Compliance

In light of current events, this research guide is intended to provide background information about racism, anti-racism, and other tangential social justice issues. It is not an exhaustive list of non-library resources available, but merely serves as a starting point for research, education, and conversation.  For FGCU Library Resources, please see our research guide,  Library Resources on Race.

FGCU President Mike Martin and Provost Jim Llorens remind us that "we all have a fundamental and shared obligation to ensure 'liberty and justice for all'" and that at "great universities like FGCU, racism, bigotry and intolerance must be directly confronted."

The American Library Association has made the following statement: 
"As our nation is gripped by protest and collective grief, ALA unequivocally condemns violence and racism towards Black people and all People of Color."

The Florida Library Association states: 
"While we often understand that libraries should be neutral organizations, that taking a stand is not appropriate, there is no neutral here. Constant terror, discrimination and exclusion of people based on race is not a political argument; there are no sides to this debate. Freedom from oppression is a human right. Access to opportunity, peace, and prosperity should be available to all."

Get Involved, Get Informed