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QMB 3302 - Business Analytics

Library resources and credible Internet sources for datasets

Sources for Datasets

Business Analytics  Sources for Datasets

The following list of datasets sources is by no means exhaustive but is intended as a starting point.  

Library Databases


U.S. Energy Information Agency (EIA) -homepage

Energy-related topics

*Keep in mind, hybrid cars have only been around since 1997.

Library database

Real Estate, available from FRED

*Check Census-defined regions to see how the Census defines a region.

Sources for Datasets

U.S. Economic Indicators



  • Centers for Disease Control (CDC) - click View Historic Case and Death data to see more than seven (7) days of data. Click the View Data (blue) button. From there, select Filter.
    • Click the gray Add a New Filter Condition button for the time/date option. Enter date--use the dropdown menu to change the default setting to submission date (is after).
    • Clidk the gray Add a New Filter Condition button for the state--make selection(s) using the two-letter state abbreviation(s). Multiple states may be entered. Press enter after each.
    • Click Export and select CSV for Excel to download
  • Florida vaccination data - Select Filter.
    • Click the gray Add a New Filter Condition button for the time/date option. Enter date--use the dropdown menu to change the default setting to submission date (is after).
    • The easiest way to limit to Florida (or any one state) is to enter the two-letter abbreviation in the Find in this Dataset box located above the table.
    • Click Export and select CSV for Excel to download.
  • Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center; vaccine tracker (virus timeline by state; international)
  • Worldometer (international)

**Note that since June 2021, some states, including Florida,  have stopped or slowed COVID reporting

Library database

Sources for Datasets


  • Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (state employment statistics)

Workforce statistics
Local Area Unemployment statistics - this page allows the user to customize datasets;  includes historical data


Motor vehicle accidents

Workplace fatalities