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Biotechnology & Biology Classes Study Guide

Senior Research Project by Yanique Smith

This document was created to assist students majoring in Biology and Biotechnology and other Biology/chemistry related majors. The courses listed in this document include both required courses for the Biology and Biotechnology major and highly recommended electives. Under each class title listen there are topics that are often considered as the most difficult or confusing for that subject; under each topic there are website, images, and videos that better explain the topic, The videos simplify the difficult topics in a way that student are able to grasp, and the websites offer an interactive component that helps student better understand the concepts and retain what was learned. The videos also offer example problems for subjects like Chemistry and Calculus. The images provide a visual representation of the different processes taking place, and the websites offer students a way to practice what they have learned. This document is applicable because it incorporates the audio-visual aspect of learning, as audio visual learning aids have reported to help increase retention of knowledge (Kumar,2013).