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Always check usage rights before copying!

Before using images, videos, music etc. that you find on the web (or elsewhere) in your presentations or other works, you must check the usage rights and make sure you aren't violating copyright. Luckily, it's easy to identify images, music, etc. that are freely available for reuse. See the boxes below for instructions on how to filter Google images by usage rights and Wikimedia Commons. As a best practice, always give attribution as well. Simply label the picture with the creator's name and the web page you retrieved it from.

Using Google to Find Rights-Cleared Images

1. Do a Google search.

2. On the results screen, select Images.

3. Select Tools.

4. Click on Usage Rights and select the desired type from the dropdown menu.

Using Wikipedia Images

Search the Wikimedia Commons for images.

Most can be reused, but you must check the copyright and licensing information first!

See Commons: Reusing Content Outside Wikimedia.

Royalty-Free Music

The following website offer licenses to use copyrighted music without royalty fees; however, a small service or membership fee may be required. Check the licensing information for any song you use!