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Bloomberg Guide

Create an Account


  1. Launch Bloomberg
  2. Press the red CONN/DEFAULT key once
  3. When the username/password option appears, look for a message telling you how to set up your own login/password. Initially, leave those fields blank and press <GO>  
  4. You will be prompted to enter your name and to create a password. A Bloomberg rep will contact you to validate your information. Choose how you want to receive your validation code, either by SMS Text Message (preferred option) or phone call.
  5. Once you receive your validation code, enter it; once it is validated, you will be prompted to respond to a few additional informational questions.
  6. Use your Bloomberg login/password to complete sessions NOT YOUR FGCU USERNAME/PASSWORD.

Tip: take advantage of the double screens to look up answers to the exam questions while taking the exam. It is highly recommended that you take the exam immediately after completing watching the video rather than waiting.

Click the <HELP> key twice (upper left, keyboard) and email Bloomberg Support.

Bloomberg Essentials FAQs

Where can I complete the training?
The Bloomberg terminal is located in the Lutgert College of Business

How long will it take to complete the program?
Approximately five (5) hours: each video lasts 30-40 minutes; exams may take another 30 minutes

How do I get started?
Create a personal login and password (information below)

Is there a time limit to complete the program?
No, Bloomberg does not require you to complete the training within any set time.

How are the exams structured?

Content from the Four (4) Core videos are covered in one exam
Content from your chosen market sector video is covered in a separate exam
Each exam contains about thirty (30) questions

What is a passing score?
The minimum score to pass is 75%

Can I retake an exam?
You may retake each exam one time

Will I automatically receive my Acknowledgement of Completion certificate?
No, request your certificate by typing 6 <GO> from the Bloomberg Essentials menu

BLOOMBERG Certification

Bloomberg Essentials- course overview


BESS Instructions


BESS Market Sector Program


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