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Bloomberg Guide

Bloomberg keyboard

image of a Bloomberg keyboard

Keyboard Tips

GO     <GO> is equivalent to ENTER and should follow every function/command to activate a page
Menu   Menu takes you to the previous screen
  Scroll back within a screen that contains multiple pages
  Scroll forward within a screen that contains multiple pages
EX-To move from page 2 to page 15, type 13 and press <Page Fwd>.
Command   A Re-cap of the previously used function appears in the top left each time you press <Command>
LAST <GO>     Manually type LAST to review the last 8 functions used
Print   Press print once to print the current page.
# Print   # is the number of pages you wish to print. So, if this is a 5-page function or news story, press 5 and Print
Help   Press <Help> key once to display the on-line Help and description of how to use the current function
Help Help   Press the <Help> key twice to instant message the 24-hour Bloomberg Help Desk
EASY <GO>   To see a list of Bloomberg tips and shortcuts
HDSK <GO>   To see a list of all your historical questions and answers sent to/received from the Bloomberg Help Desk
<Alt> K   Display a graphic of the Bloomberg keyboard
Windows Key Image   This key appears to the left of the space bar on your keyboard. Combine it with:
Key + E to open a new file "Explorer" window
Key + D to minimize/restore all windows